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“Cheap Men’s Cologne” from Helium.com: HDATS MAG! hair designs across the street magazine®

"Cheap Men's Cologne" from Helium.com: HDATS MAG! hair designs across the street magazine®  "What is Population Growth"

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The older the cologne, the easier it is to get cheap, because of the 10 year patent law. Name brand colognes have knock-offs, imitations, and versions of the cologne cheaper than the original. Name brand colognes have suggested retails. At most stores they cost around the same amount. The more expensive the store the more expensive formulas of the colognes can be found.

It is great to give a gift from a more expensive store for around the same price (Sacs, Meimen Marcus, Macy’s). The best time to buy is during the Holiday Seasons, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day. The colognes usually have gifts with purchase: bags, key chains, travel and pocket size colognes. You get something for yourself as well.

The knock-offs, imitations, and versions may differ in price depending on the store you buy them from. The type of store also causes a difference in the strength of the cologne.If you have to use a lot more of the cologne, than it may not be cheap.

For a long time I spent a lot of time giving perfume and cologne as gifts, when it is not a Holiday Season, and I want to give a good inexpensive perfume or cologne, Outlets are good to shop. Some also have the gift with purchases (off season).

How long the cologne has been in the warehouse, on the shelf, or in the store effects the
quality of the cologne. Gifts are also something we are judged by, “Don’t be Cheap on the Wrong Thing!” Some colognes are considered cheap because of the manufacturer, maker, and distributor, the name brand cost less.

Cost of the cologne is not the most important thing, how the cologne smells with your body chemistry is what is important. Colognes are made with different foundations to cause the smell, for example: 1. Spices 2. Flowers 3. Citrus.

Each person has to find out which foundation smell is best for their body chemistry.
The top cheap men’s cologne would be a great knock-off, imitation, or version of your favorite smell. What store you find it in, how long the store had it, and how much you have to use tells you if it is cheap. And don’t forget to give great gifts.

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